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Plug & Play Installation

NEMA 4X Enclosure

Class 1, Div 2 Certified

 Flame Smart’s family of powerful burner management solutions provides the unique flexibility of pilotless ignition, a new BMS technology that can save your operation valuable time and resources. The Flame Smart Ei3 boasts robust capabilities that can streamline your fuel line while meeting the most demanding burner management needs. Specifically designed for a variety of fire tube applications, our comprehensive pilotless BMS packages ensure safe, consistent performance with the added convenience of plug-and-play installation. 

What is Pilotless Ignition?

Unlike piloted ignition that requires lighting a pilot before igniting the main burner, pilotless ignition allows an operator to light a main flame directly and eliminates the need for a standing pilot and unnecessary equipment. Because pilotless systems have no standing pilot, the system only uses gas when the main burner is on, thereby saving money and reducing emissions.

Benefits of Pilotless Ignition

Economic Savings

Pilotless ignition saves energy by eliminating the need for a standing pilot. Instead of fueling a pilot flame for hours on end, a pilotless system uses gas only when an operator lights the main burner. With pilotless technology, operators bypass the cost of continuously supplying gas to maintain a pilot flame.

Lower Emissions

Without supplying gas to maintain a pilot flame, a pilotless system effectively reduces site emissions. By eliminating the continuous emissions from pilot combustion, pilotless technology can help operators more easily comply with local and federal EPA regulations.

Reduced Maintenance

Pilotless ignition reduces a site’s maintenance needs and overall downtime by streamlining the fuel train. With no pilot flame to maintain, a pilotless system eliminates the need for costly and high-maintenance equipment and parts.

To see if pilotless ignition is right for your site, please contact a Flame Smart representative.