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Plug & Play Installation

NEMA 4X Enclosure

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Who We Are

For decades, flares, combustors and other oil field technologies have been operated by outdated, poorly manufactured control systems. These systems are not only ineffective and inefficient, but are also oftentimes poorly designed, resulting in the need for additional service and repair costs. At the core of the Flame Smart business model is our dedication to distinguished systems and service.

Flame Smart combines state-of-the-art technology, quality craftsmanship, parts made in the USA and customer focus to combat the problems presented by traditional burner management systems and controls. The result is a burner management system that capitalizes on the latest technology available to the market without compromising on build or design quality.

Since its inception, Flame Smart has become a leader in burner management solutions, serving a variety of clients with an array of needs. With clients across numerous industries, locations and demands, Flame Smart is equipped to effectively resolve the many difficulties associated with burner management.

While Flame Smart is an industry leader in innovation, product design and manufacturing, our primary focus is offering the best customer service and support possible to ensure our clients are satisfied with their burner management system.